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For two generations, Warning Lites of Appleton has provided clients across Wisconsin with traffic control safety services and equipment. Our company is family-owned and operated, and our team offers a complete range of products to fit every size project. As our industry has evolved, so have our solutions and product selection. Our services include complete traffic management plans, product installation and removal, special event traffic control, pedestrian safety plans, and more.

Advanced Warning Signs

These types of signs are used to indicate changing traffic conditions, potential hazards, obstacles, or conditions requiring special attention. The purpose of these signs is to alert road users when they are entering a work zone, or to conditions which may require a reduced speed or actions to keep traffic flowing efficiently and safely.

Our selection of warning signs includes:

Road Work Ahead
Right Lane Closed
Left Lane Closed
Merge Right-Left
Road Closed Ahead
Detour Ahead
Yield Ahead
Stop Ahead
Reduce Speed
Prepare To Stop
One Lane Road Ahead
Flagman Ahead
Shoulder Closed Ahead
Shoulder Closed
Low Shoulder
Uneven Lanes
Grooved Pavement
Loose Gravel
Truck Entering
End Road Work
Road Work Next X Mile
two-Way Traffic
Utility Work
Max. Width
…and more

Regulatory Signs

These types of signs indicate road rules, traffic laws, and regulations. Regulatory signs provide information about time-dependent directives and help to modulate public behavior in a specified place.

Our inventory of regulatory signs includes:

Bridge Out
Bridge Out x Miles
Night Arrows
No Right Turn
No Left Turn
Left Lane Must Turn Left
Right Turn Must Turn Right
Left Turn Lane Only
Right Turn Only
Keep Left
Keep Right
Sidewalk Closed
Sidewalk Closed Use Other Side
Wrong Way
Do Not Enter
One Way Left
One Way Right
…and more

Additional Products

An important part of traffic control is designing a successful traffic plan. We sell and rent the products you need to bring your plan to life and make your work zone or event area safe.

This includes:

Event Barricades
Digital Arrow Boards
Digital Message Boards
Temporary Traffic Signals
Stop & Go Signs/Signals
Any & All Detour Signs
…and more.

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